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My sweetie belle


Itty Bitty Lyra and Bon Bon plushies~!  Both stand at about 8” tall and make super cute little travel companions or desk buddies!

They can be ordered here either as a magnetic kissy set or individually whenever we have preorders open!


Commission: Lyra Pillow Front by TheParagon


WIP of Rarity and Sweetie Belle. I just need to paint their final base (the base their on is a base I use to paint things on)


Picture for the raffle winner: BronyguardI don’t know if it’s supposed to be shipping.




Sweetie belle


See the Cutie Mark Crusaders at Bronycon 2014!


Hello Kitty jack o’ lantern doughnut ~ (photo credit in source link)

Rocking it

Yoshi’s new island

Sunset stl

Hello kitty 3ds

I obviously do not deserve to be happy… I’m a fuck up and a mistake… Why am I still alive?… I do not deserve to live and breathe….
Everyone just always uses me… I’m just a waste of space…

My day has been shit today… Someone from work called me a bitch on fb for standing up for my friends… N someone I know passed away this afternoon… My friends cousin and it’s sad… I’m tryin not to breakdown right now…

I think about you all day everyday. I miss you even if I just saw you 5 mins ago. I think I’m falling in love with you. But that terrifies me. What if you hurt me like the others did? What if I give all myself to you and you break my heart? If that happens I don’t think I can pick up the pieces again..

Hai names Stephie.
I love Hello Kitty.
Music is life.
I blog random
I follow back.
Let's be friends?

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